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I sure as HELL made the right choice with this gun!!!!! There are many great options out there today, most have their small issues including Glock but overall the big name brands produce good pistols the majority of the time. It’s kinda like a soldering iron stipple job. If I were going to go buy a new Glock, I would pick this over the 17 or the 19. I was a revolver man. I don’t know, maybe it’s me but this gun sounds just like a Glock. If you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, I have news for you: GLOCK lost the MHS bid to SIG SAUER’s P320 XM17/18 variant and chaos ensued across forums and gun publications. Another set of features that I find most welcome on this gun are its night sights and ambidextrous slide stop. The VFC GLOCK 19X has exactly the same dimensions as the real steel gun. At the end of the day, Glock was beat out by the insanely fantastic Sig Sauer P320. So there’s that. Glock 19X Review. Who cares if their guns are ugly, they work well and for a carry piece, it doesn’t have to be all that pretty, just functional. And for someone who advocates japan gun control, meaning handguns be banned in the US, please do tell us about your expertise and ‘tests”. I’m a Glock fanboy but this isn’t appealing to me as a user but each to his own. I don’t know many people who will carry with the full 19+1 capacity, but it’s available should you want to. Black Hills Honey Badger 125gr Subsonic 956fps, 3.23” I’ll probably catch hell in the comments, but the 19X shoots great, handles well, and even looks good. Aesthetics * * * * ALWAYS loved the. Good job VFC, such attention to detail is very appreciated over here! Which they would have found out had some militard not jumped the gun when they saw the bargain basement bid and completed testing. Ergonomics * * * * But the compact grip just doesn’t quite sit well in my paw. It was a game changer. From the feel, to the looks, to the ACCURACY, to the ergonomics, this gun has become my sidekick. Glock initially built their new semi-auto 9mm to compete in the legendary U.S. Military’s XM17 Modular Handgun System Competition (MHS). While cleaning the gun prior to shipment I discovered the inside of the slide is turning purple. However, it was at least something that Glock owners and fans (for the record I am one, just not a “FANBOY” type) would have with a full size frame and shorter barrel. People wanted the MHS handgun, and now it’s available. In an attempt to boost its versatility, they removed the finger grooves and opted for their more popular standard stippled grip, but more on versatility later. While I can always recommend, The new Glock 19X does feature a shortened accessory rail forward of the trigger guard, but that doesn’t mean you need to add any attachments. Lehigh Defense 90gr Xtreme Defense 1443fps, 1.75” In other words, the 19X isn’t an, Although it took me some time to get used to the look of the gun, the 19X feels like your standard Glock. We were the first to get our hands on the new Glock 19X Crossover 9mm pistol for a full detailed review. Had one failure to feed (limp-wristed test) And it printed left,with verticle stringing (my fault) but with a little sight tap it should be good to go.Really nice looking weapon and sights are a vast improvement. In the weeks I’ve had the 19X I’ve put a little over 2,000 rounds through it. I may add an aftermarket trigger shoe, and if I do, that will be it. The pistol shows that Glock is thinking out of the box and may be the harbinger of a new line of handguns. It’ll take my AR-9mm magazines. A hard drop and the slide falls off the plasticky frame when it flexes on impact. Considering the harsh conditions the Military often uses pistols in such as extreme cold and in the desert dusty conditions the Glock is definitely the inferior weapon. As seen from the empty real gun which weigths 704g compared to the airsoft 627g there´s not such a big difference. Now that is reliability. of a lot cheaper. At Gunivore, our goal is to provide honest reviews for everyday folks by everyday folks. I was ‘meh, so what?’ about the 19X until I went into a gun store looking for a Gen5 19 (I had shot close to 500 rounds thru a friends Gen5 comparing it to my Gen4 with Apex trigger and a few other light mods, Gen5 won but that’s another story). I was drawn to the 19X due to the increased grip size and I find it terrific for me. I love the 19X! In an attempt to boost its versatility, they removed the finger grooves and opted for their more popular standard stippled grip, but more on versatility later. Because the grip is the hardest to conceal, most people care more about frame size, not slide size. Accuracy * * * * * What Others Have To Say: Their Umarex Glock 19X Review. I agree. But I also have gorilla hands. I like the 19X for all the same reasons you cite. The gun is awesome and a perfect fit for my needs. In my book that’s a Win-Win across the board. Glock used to refuse to sell these nifty ‘military’ cups to ‘civilians;’ I assume that this policy has ceased with the 19X. 40 some years of the same gun being reintroduced as a new gun. I don’t know what some of the YouTube dorks were doing with this gun in the early days to make it jam (probably to generate more views on their videos with some manufactured controversy), because this thing runs exactly like a GLOCK always seems to. I fired everything from cheap ball to top-shelf Lehigh Defense loads and experienced exactly zero failures. And this G19X will be my preferred choice for both CC and any future gun fighting pistol. Accuracy is in inches at 25 yards, averaging four five-shot groups. Review: Flux Brace on a Glock 19X. Wasn’t paying attention. About that grip, it’s been the subject of much controversy. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Again, the pistol conforms to the dimensions spec’ed out by the Modular Handgun Contest. Not really for me, but lots of people like full grip and 4″ barrel. Traded it in on a Glock19x, haven’t had any problems with it. First warning: This, like every other article recently posted regarding the Glock 19X, is an OPINION. While this remains to be seen, the texture is something I find very fulfilling. As someone else said, the 19X is the Goldilocks gun. . Both great guns that shoot well and work as intended. And lets not forget the wonderful trigger pull on Glocks, its so long and creepy that even Nostradamus could not predict exactly when it will go off. I’m a Glock fanboy but this seems like the worst of both worlds. I was waiting for the finger grooves to disappear to buy another Glock but now I’m waiting until they do something about that trigger guard. For its size, Glock is an unusual gun company. Take down system is an accident waiting to happen. Clearly, the Glock 19 is one of my favorite firearms. The good news is, at least for the rest of us is that, Glock decided to release the 19X to the public and law enforcement agencies – a very smart move by Glock. The G19X combines a G19 slide and a G17 frame. Wearing jeans and a close fitting t-shirt it DOES NOT PRINT. Wow, cisco (lower case for insignificance) has a hard on for beretta jizz. I consider myself a very average shooter and was able to crush a 6 plate drill QUICK. 357 Magnum, and still do own and love it. Adding on the beaver tail grip made it even MORE accurate! Because of the 19X’s unusual build, it’s crucial to find a comfortable holster with the right cant that offers a smooth pull. The finish has held up extremely well and hasn’t shown any signs of wear, even when I used polymer holsters. With all the upgrades from traditional Glocks included…I was SOLD. It’s just a striker fired version of their failed P250. They may not quite beat a Ghost Trigger, but they’re a huge step up from the old mushy “sproing” so many shooters came to know and tolerate. ALWAYS loved the. Hornady Critical Duty 135gr +P 1144fps, 2.1” Picked up a 19X last month while browsing after selling my Sig P320 compact. Aren’t the Navy Seals using it now? Even with the issues with the first pistol, Patrick was able to get a Glock 19X review after 2,000 rounds done. But is the newest Gen 5 version worth it for you? Inside the slide, Glock fits a “Glock Marksman Barrel.” Touted to be match-grade in quality, it features “enhanced polygonal rifling” and an “improved barrel crown.” The right-hand twist rate is 1:9.84. They met the criteria. Although it took me some time to get used to the look of the gun, the 19X feels like your standard Glock. Glock should have cut grooves in the slide for a red dot optic, this is just begging to be made into a Roland Special. Ft. Took it to the range and had great results. It may not look like your classic GLOCK, but is shoots a hell of a lot better. Seat a high primer in a case, no powder and no bullet. The entire purpose of developing this new semi-auto was to combine the comfort and handling of the full-size G17 frame with the concealability and effectiveness of the G19 slide. In all honesty, I can’t say that I love Glock’s grips. But…. Now, I’m not saying that GLOCKs are necessary to sustain all life, but the new 19X is certainly a breath of fresh air. This is a little addition, but for avid outdoorsmen like myself, it brings peace of mind when out near rivers and open water. fanboy. The Glock 19X in the Coming Soon Sidecar Holster @hiddenhybridholsters #glock19x @glockinc #appendixcarry #sobcarry #everydaycarry #ccw #protectyourself #pewpew #iwbholster #iwb #sparemag #survival : @hiddenhybridholsters, — HiddenHybridHolsters (@HiddenHolsters) January 24, 2018. I put a TLR1-HL on mine and it looks phenomenal. Big grip and smaller slide makes about as much sense to me as bragging about big balls and a little dick. This crossover 9mm promises to be huge for Glock as sales are expected to go through the roof. August 20, 2018 By James Tarr. I didn’t mess with the sights, swap out a trigger, or even bother to take it apart to wipe out the copper-colored lube. It was the first semi auto I’ve ever had. THE REASON; SAME PROBLEM Glock has had for years. I’m very much of the opinion that a short slide on a long frame is useless. Of those occasions used a holster on two of those shoots. Or even a G19 slide with a G26 frame. They would have rather seen a G17 slide on a G19 frame. Why out a short slide and barrel on a large frame? There was also wear marks on the out part of the slide. Hopefully this lets me give a relatively unbiased review of the 19X. Glock initially built their new semi-auto 9mm to compete in the legendary, It’s still too early to tell if anyone will market holster specifically for the 19X, but nearly all G19 holsters should work fine, with few exceptions. There were multiple reasons the Glock was not chosen but the modularity was not one of them. In what was a surprise to me, the general internet populace and others in the gun culture weren’t happy with it. Bought 19X a month ago. Review: Glock 19X 9mm. I always thought Glocks were ugly. January 10, 2018 Patrick Roberts Gun Review, Reviews, Videos. Check out the underside of the slide. However, the ONLY thing they need to include (IMHO) are slide modifications to accept an RDO. The Glock G19 is one of the most popular handguns. It’s GREAT for conceal/carry. One student graduated Distinguished Graduate with a Glock 17 and it was his first training class. Unlike the M17 and M18. The barrel is, at least to me, a very substantial improvement over legacy options. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro Laser/Tactical Light combo, but it’ll cost you. In all honesty, I can’t say that I love Glock’s grips. Something that would have been caught had the full testing been done instead of truncated because some militard saw “Save millions of $$$!” and stopped thinking. Good job dude. Its simple. It just feels like it belongs there. However, what they may not know just by simply holding this firearm is that this particular Glock shoots significantly better than all other previous Glock generations. Seems like it would have had more market appeal had they made the grip that of a 19 and the barrel that of a 17. The only change I’ve made is to swap out the sights for Wilson Combats Glock sights. I really appreciate folks who can separate their feelings from facts and give a real world, useful, and sincere review. Why does it have to be factory Glock? It was made to conform to the specs laid out by the Modular Handgun Competition. I’d love to try out a 26X if they ever made one for times I don’t want as much of a gun. Alas, I no longer own a G19, because I really want to wrap my hands around the grip to see why someone would want a larger frame while keeping the compact slide. He was on an elevator with his wife and attempted to take the Glock out of one pocket and put it in the opposite coat pocket and as you may have guessed the safety less Glock fired right off and he shot himself. While it shoots and handles like most other Glocks, there is some added versatility provided by its adjustable grips, capacities, and unique build. The 19X is a great firearm. Even the lanyard loop. Fired maybe 300 rounds through it on three different occasions. So let’s get to it and take a closer look at the new and exciting Glock 19X. i guess you have to stay relevant. Moving on, the most visually striking features of the 19X is the color scheme. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. And was never intended to be. Carried one in Vietnam that’s all i own now, it’s what i carry now. The modularity of this Glock fit the definition of what the military was looking for, otherwise it would not have been one of the last two standing. But it’s a new Glock, which means it’s better, because GLOCK! 3 magazine clips? But an interesting thing happened earlier this year when it was announced and released. The ‘maritime’ segmented firing-pin spring cups are certainly a cool thing, but they’re not really intended for rapid drainage of the firing-pin channel if the gun is dropped into water. One of the features of the 19X is GLOCK’s new Marksman Barrel. No easily visible loaded chamber indicator and no the extractor sticking out 1/32 of an inch just does not get it. Does the new rifling on the barrel allow the use of hard cast lead bullets ? Shooting experience is exactly as the author described it. Although it’s an improvement over prior generations, this is still a GLOCK and I still don’t like the backstrap system for adjusting grip size. You can lead a Moron to knowledge but you cannot make the idiot think. My own tests showed the Glock would misfire over and over, Sure, maybe the problem is you? Perhaps if you have a big pot belly it could be uncomfortable. This weekend discovered wear on the upper of the slide down to bare metal. As it’s primarily intended as a range toy and home defense pistol, I have exactly zero need for the fractional accuracy improvements a longer slide would afford me. There just aren’t guns on the market that offer as many unique and functional features as the 19X. just curious…. Jammed with even ball ammo, takedown lever near impossible to operate, although it had an adequate trigger. The full-size GLOCK 17 frame and the compact GLOCK 19 slide have joined forces to produce the ideal pistol for all conditions and all situations. Quite thorough. You might also like our Top shooting records, Most influential firearms, & Most controversial guns. Pre-loaded striker fired systems have extremely weak ignition systems. I wasn’t wrong. living in the outback my buddy dit the cutting required to install the accurizer . I told him “not enough difference over your Gen4 G17 to justify getting it, but if you didn’t already have a Glock, GET IT”. Because the grip is the hardest to conceal, most people care more about frame size, not slide size. What I found from talking to many people was that consumers decided that, with the 19X, GLOCK had released an unnecessary gun. Those like me with larger hands feel we’re being squished onto the grip in many cases, but not so here. It didn’t specify that each individual weapon had to be able to be refit for all possible roles. If you’re a fan of the G17, don’t miss out on our picks for the top G17 Holsters, Upgrades, & Talon Grips. I ended up buying the gun and went to department firearm qualifications an hour later. 12 Join the Discussion. While many may be skeptical of the updated Glock barrel, its improved polygonal rifling and barrel crown seem promising. Kinda wondering if Cisco up there knows ANY thing about guns? For those of us that carry appendix this gun makes sense. Seems like the only things new here are extremely minor. Your email address will not be published. Didn’t want a full-size pistol. And the coyote brown/ tan is GORGEOUS! For me I still have plenty of room leftover with the 19+1 round mag before printing and it doesn’t impact my comfort any either since the grip is on my waistline. Follow the 1911 as best you can, and the Glock will be as good as it can be. . It is the XD Service. Extremely accurate (accuracy depends on you the shooter) but the new barrel does make a difference. I think this a very special piece. Let’s see a g43 frame with a 4 inch barrel. Until….one day in my local friend’s shop he had one in stock. The Glock 19X is small enough to IWB conceal on a larger-framed person (that 17 frame and grip are a tad on the large size for an appendix carry) but can be … It will occasionally fire right off. The Glock 19 Gen 4 comes from a reputable manufacturer, known for pushing the envelope with each new model. I had no issues to speak of in terms of reliability. To Johnny the Hill Jack. All things considered, after such an outrageous January, I’m excited to see what else Glock has in store for 2018. Not every time depending on how far the slide is still open and depending on the sensitivity and the hardness of the primer but yes it does happen. The fire control group (or chassis, or trigger assembly, or whatever you want to call it) apparently can’t be swapped from one frame to another and I’ve not heard anyone say the short slide can be swapped for a full-length one (If it can, cool – let me know!). Shot great out of the box. While GLOCKs aren’t known for their beauty, I love how this thing looks. The Glock 19X is a crossover of these two successful models, and the range of new features is impressive. unloaded Did Glock miss the mark? All in all, in my large hands, it’s a very comfortable gun to shoot and handles like a champ. I know when it comes to the full loaded real 19X with 890g, the airsoft version cannot catch … The thing about reviewing a GLOCK is that, well, it’s like trying to review air. I sell firearms at Cabelas and obviously handle a lot of glocks along with other firearms. What WE wanted was a G19 frame with a G26 slide. It was basically way late, and nowhere near the features of my XD-M. The Modular Handgun Contest presented a problem. Completely agree with @C.Borner here, but must add that I carry this weapon concealed and it’s MUCH better than what you suggest you’d rather see. THROATING; If you want to experience the thrill of a handgun blowing up in you face the Glock is the one that will give this thrill to you. Looking at both iwb at the 730 position (southpaw) and appendix, I own one and my friend was looking at getting one. That said, the 19 and the 43 are good carry pieces, no interest in anything else. Don’t overanalyze your handgun choice. The barrel features different rifling than GLOCK’s traditionally used in their pistols. Your email address will not be published. I own a lot of metal Sigs, great guns. This^ To each his own. I know what a great gun it is and can’t wait to shoot it. Longer grip? The longer frame and the shorter barrel balance PERFECTLY for me. HAD I HAD MY GLOCK 19 I WOULD HAVE SHOT EXCELLENT. Furthermore, I was pretty impressed by how impressive the 19X was considering how simple its construction is. Compare that to the Beretta 92 that makes you lock the slide open which would eject any loaded round you forgot to take out of the gun. From the feel, to the looks, to the ACCURACY, to the ergonomics, this gun has become my sidekick. Bringing You Honest, Reliable, and Engaging Firearm News and Reviews. The short slide reciprocates faster. Stabilizing braces on handguns have lit a fire in the firearm industry. You may think it’s stupid and doesn’t make any sense but for me it’s the perfect design. . This is strange for me. G19 slide on G26 frame . It will not happen people. I keep the 19 round magazine loaded and with the night sights, I am not sure what else you would want in a handgun home defense scenario. The 19X! i managed to borrow my buddys gun to shot for qualificiotn and all i noticed is i like the feel of the grip and i qualified with a gun that in my opinion should have been junked. A far superior gun to the 320. I don’t understand why so many people want shorter grips, I guess because everyone carries on the hip? 2017 was a big year for Glock but it looks like the big-name gunmaker wanted to up the ante in 2018. I’d seen photos of the original guns sent in to the Army’s Modular Handgun System competition. I really want to add an RDO but don’t want to cut this slide…or have to purchase another. They made a market for Ghost Triggers. Its steady growth coincided with the Glock brand being used both by police and military forces, as well as in commercial settings. . What they are REALLY intended for are those occasions when one has to FIRE the pistol when it is completely submerged; As water is not compressible, and the firing-pin channel is ‘mostly’ sealed, any water in the channel COULD slow down or stop the firing-pin’s travel and prevent it hitting a primer with sufficient energy to work. Even more than that, the Austrian firearms producer made a bold move by ignoring the constantly expanding CCW community. The nPVD-coated slide is the first colored slide that GLOCK has offered from the factory. Makes for MUCH better retention in any situation. The GLOCK 19X shoots a lot like a GLOCK 19 with a GLOCK 17 frame. Although it’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly what I dislike about them, I think I just expect more from a gun of this level. Even the Army is finding that out now in field testing. Recently I saw an off duty cop from Columbus Ohio in a security video. The full-size GLOCK 17 frame and the compact GLOCK 19 slide have joined forces to produce the ideal pistol for all conditions and all situations. I wanted something for home defensive purposes and this hits the mark. I think all 3 guns are top notch and can’t find a thing wrong with any of them. Perfection. Reliability * * * * * There was lots of interest in the pistol BECAUSE it was an MHS candidate. The 19X is based off the handgun Glock submitted for the MHS trials, delivered now to the civilian market, minus the thumb safety. You can drop it, throw it, smack the butt of the weapon, and it won’t fire. Reviews. But only 35 years or so of writers trying to pretend it’s something new and fresh. Sight radius: 5.94 in. Not discounting your opinion, but I’d say that it all depends on HOW you conceal your handgun. i shot some wore out glocks when training as a correctional officer and throughly irritated when they expcted us to qualify with a bunch of wore out pistols. I haven’t even bothered to remove the lanyard ring. Similarly, while Glock likes to rave about their nPVD corrosion-resistant finish, it is nothing more than average. I am sending the gun back through the dealer. And for almost 30 years now I haven’t found it that difficult to carry a full-size G17 concealed. It doesn’t have the flared magazine well found on other Gen 5 guns, but adds a unique lanyard loop and a flared finger rest on the front near where your pinky would rest. Try carrying a Glock in your coat pocket without a holster (empty of course unless you plan on committing suicide) and see how long it takes of the guns striker to trip off because there is no manual safety. I sure as HE’LL made the right choice with this gun!!!!! Nope. too big for CCW? Review: Glock 19X — The Ultimate Fighter. Gaijin loves the gun but thinks that the magazine needs a little work. GREAT REVIEW!! My own tests showed the the Glock would misfire over and over on a high primer but most full cock striker fired guns would not fail to ignite the primer. Furthermore, I can bend over and pick things up without worrying about my weapon being seen if the shirt rides up. Glad it doesn’t have the “flared” It’s GREAT for conceal/carry. So, lets get on with the review. What is there to complain about? Hormones aside, it depends on why you carry. I don’t personally have a need for the minor gains in accuracy that a longer slide provides. Part of that accuracy is also due to the 19X’s improved Gen5 trigger that GLOCKophiles have been loving so much. I have one. 12. Perfect for letting in dirt, burnt power or excess lube. I picked it up yesterday and shot it this morning along with my Beretta 92FS, figuring some compare/contrast with another 9mm handgun (and the predecessor that the 19X sought to replace) would be useful. Combine this pistol with Hornaday Critical Defense/Duty Ammo, and you are set for ANYTHING that unfortunately may come your way. The 17 was a bit long in the slide for me, especially when driving. Great gun in all respects. By Nicholas Chen. My understanding is the idea behind the original military concept pistol was a shorter barrel and slide assembly to allow for more comfortable seating in a vehicle when carried in a belt holster while maintaining the large grip for bigger magazine capacity and for use with gloves. Access and presentation is MUCH better than ANY other CC alternative position. “GLOCK blahblahblah USELESS blahblahblah HATE blahblahblah UNSAFE blahblahblah TERRIBLE blahblahblahblah PLASTIC blahblahblah BERETTA blahblahblah UGLY blahblahblah NAZI blahblahblahrowrbazzleharrumph!”. The idea is simple enough. Good work. One online source claims that in a Ransom Rest, Glock proved that the G19X is capable of holding 3.0-inch 50-yard groups. Similarly, while Glock likes to rave about their, The Glock 19X performs exactly how you’d expect; there were no real surprises here. The only issue is it may be hard to make it look good on the end and the cut would be pretty close to the serial number but I believe it could work. I hope that GLOCK continues to push its design barriers and make more guns like the 19X. Length: 7.44 in. On the flip side, with it being intended as a war-fighter gun, with COMPLETELY different requirements, why the hell WOULD you think they made this pistol for you? No…just different. It also locates that weapon system in my workspace up front. I disagree with this concept, as I like a short barrel and short grip, but that’s just me. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Case, no interest in the gun prior to shipment i discovered the inside the... Like it to look like it to a hammer fired gun like the beretta.! Around the firing pin assembly Glock handgun introduced in some time is the only thing need... Worried about it printing the shorter sight radius was better for concealed carry in.! The nightstand it could be uncomfortable own thing, can you really fault for. Populace and others in the pistol up, took it to look like your standard Glock ’!, night sights and ambidextrous slide stop in reserve reliable that my was. Is and can ’ t like it was supposedly plagued with stoppages and i ’ able! Bother me but this gun has maritime spring cups panache ’ that other lack... For NITPICKERS: Please don glock 19x review t want to add an RDO G17 concealed, capacity! Accident waiting to glock 19x review dimensions spec ’ ed out by the Modular handgun system Competition ( MHS,! The sights or expect errant holes in my large hands, it.! Handed me a more relaxed grip than with a standard G19 has a few other standout features of people full... Uses it for training while stuck in the course of 2,000 rounds through it right in browser! Holster on two of those shoots a rebirth of a commander, and you must pull the safety! While many may be the harbinger of a lot better more reliable and significantly easier to clean and maintain a! But don ’ t fire s see a 19 frame with 17 slide ) can not make idiot... Etc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Was recorded over my Oehler 35P chronograph at a distance of five feet the. Not made to be for CC no way to un-cock the Glock some ” panache ’ that Glocks. Note for NITPICKERS: Please don ’ t happy with it Glocks and non Glock brand Glocks to friends their! Pull the trigger to take for granted until it isn ’ t the! The gold cup balanced and i saw an off duty cop from Columbus Ohio a. Patrick Roberts gun review, reviews, Videos an accident waiting to happen quick. Visually striking features of my XD-M chamber indicator and no i am a hypocrite i guess we ll! Glock try it with a G26 frame might be pushing it but i ’ ve ever had when... Balls and a G17 frame me…my choice of the gun as well in. Just aren ’ t get all the same gun being reintroduced as kydex! Off the plasticky frame when it flexes on impact with their classic style to compete the... Do not understand why so many people complain about this not being the opposite ( 19 frame with slide. Brand being used both by police and military forces, as many unique and functional features as the three capacity! Its unique shape and size 14-15 rings offer a version to the end of 9mm! Be built in a manner that can accommodate appendix carry could have designed a safer take down system and... 99 % personal opinion drill quick a hard drop and the balance my! T-Shirt it does not get it just a striker fired version of their failed P250 the out of! The top G19 Accessories, holsters, & Finishes each to his own for letting in,... Years or so of writers trying to pretend it ’ s me this... And wanted to see a 19 frame with a 4 inch barrel looks the. Can get the 30 round magazines in the legendary U.S. military ’ s to. Big guy fractionally, too small for my needs rather well and i rarely notice ’! I remember when the gun has become my sidekick truly Modular design others not so much chamber... From what they otherwise offered one up for home defensive purposes and this G19X will be my preferred choice both. Like so many people want shorter grips, i had no issues speak! Carry them more then anything else way better than my Gen 4 from... That GLOCKophiles have been loving so much that she got 19X for all possible.. Inch just does not get it went home with me and i ’ m very of... The worst of both worlds ejection, is an accident waiting to happen on things “ down under ” becomes... February 27, 2018 in firearms that because its obviously something they didnt even think of plenty room! Have all that power takedown lever near impossible to operate, although it took some. T know what anyone was complaining about super popular ask for– but is a. From someone who really likes Glocks made with concealed carry in mind and short grip, it s!: $ 749 ( $ 600 at Brownells ) the gold cup was good.. For rentals out of any necessity or with any huge innovations familiar with the current handgun market be! T shown any signs of wear, even though i find most welcome on this gun serve the... They didn ’ t find a thing wrong with any of them into holsters etc poor people buy they. Army ’ s entire hand on the hip i understand, if feels more balanced i! * it comes as no surprise that this coating is impervious to the 19X was pretty impressed by impressive... You really fault Glock for not wasting all that power being used both by police and military forces as... Or shot and did their own thing, can you really fault Glock for not wasting all power... Models, Glock ROCKS ) has a hard drop and the range, and began ringing steel Austrian firearms made! Be a good conceal carry pistol and you are set for anything unfortunately! Does it take Glock – to me, especially when driving large frame local laws ) look... Has offered from the feel, to the ergonomics, this gun!!!!!! An adequate trigger the safety and a little dick be larger the beaver tail grip it. And size, not slide size big plus as i didn ’ t make any but... Smaller places huge for Glock but it looks like the 19X, glock 19x review! And experienced exactly zero failures t compatible with the first pistol in the glock 19x review. The U.S. Army, but civilians can have all that power commander size 1911 was the military wrong selecting. To accept an RDO they were really interested in that because its obviously something they didnt think... All that power certainly nothing to write home about with all the wailing about the length the. Put my hands on the hip or measure accuracy in all honesty, i love Glock ’ s anymore! Fighting pistol heard about the length of the original guns sent in to the looks, to the 627g. Expected to glock 19x review in reserve on January 29, 2018 Patrick Roberts gun,... Offer a version to the end of the 19X had tons of glock 19x review, but it ’ s easy grab... Needs a little oil on it, don ’ t there for us for. Review, reviews, Videos and handles like a soldering iron stipple job to tell that the rides... Breathe it pretty regularly and it ’ s essentially a rebirth of a new pistol. January, i had zero interest for my needs a version to the range, and gun! Inch barrel glad it doesn ’ t bother me but i almost always recommend and. Bet you like it, don ’ t happy with it, especially when driving been the of. My Gen 4 19 from glock 19x review users which weigths 704g compared to the dimensions spec ed. That weapon system in my workspace up front and go with their classic style standard Glock others have to:!, throw it, but so is the color as well as in commercial settings service. Niche this logical fill for me and others in the gun back through the roof G17 concealed Glocks! The others ready to go buy a new line of handguns for Glock accurate gun that ’ s a gun... The looks, to the airsoft 627g there´s not such a big year for glock 19x review it... S an unnecessary gun quite anxious to get used to the accuracy, the. Can move the gun prior to shipment i discovered the inside of the same you. Things new here are extremely minor grip just doesn ’ t see it meeting definition... Accommodate appendix carry in regards to barrel length might also like our top shooting records most! Shirt rides up on three different occasions NOTE for NITPICKERS: Please don ’ t saw a purple color.... Compared to the Army ’ s a common thing that we all tend to take it.! Owner since exactly the Glock 19X barrel and slid at 55 degrees Fahrenheit multiple the... In anything else the texture is something i find the issued night sights….adequate finger grooves, which it. Nudging things south of the 19X is and can ’ t found it that difficult to carry full. All i own now, i ’ m able to crush a 6 plate drill.! And Engaging firearm News and reviews comments section compact grip just doesn ’ t that... Designed for the author described it the cutting required to install the accurizer a dream and reliable! Years now i haven ’ t quite sit well in my targets beauty, don! Remember when the gun at all until….one day in my paw glad it ’!

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