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An insight into the Genesis and Evolution of the HMAS Sydney Controversy. How and why a purpose-built warship like Sydney was defeated by a modified merchant vessel like Kormoran was the subject of speculation, with numerous books on the subject, as well as two official reports by government inquiries, published in 1999 and 2009 respectively. [289], The "HMAS Sydney Replacement Fund" was established to help finance the acquisition of a replacement ship. [168][169], Initially, the sailors were imprisoned at Harvey while the officers were imprisoned at Swanbourne Barracks, but after interrogations were concluded in December, they were all relocated to prisoner-of-war camps near Murchison, Victoria. [19][20], Kormoran was commissioned in October 1940: after modification, she was 515 feet (157 m) long, and measured 8736 grt. [205] This Kormoran operated until 1976, when she was sold to Greece. [20] The Royal Navy had blockaded German waters at the start of the war, and Kormoran had to break through to reach her first patrol area. [63] Kormoran discontinued salvo firing, but the individually firing aft guns scored hits as Sydney crossed the raider's stern. [14], The secondary armament consisted of five 2-centimetre (0.79 in) anti-aircraft guns. [288] The names of those killed aboard Sydney are inscribed at the Australian War Memorial, while those from Kormoran are inscribed in the Laboe Naval Memorial. The raider carried two Arado Ar 196 floatplanes for reconnaissance. [208], Winter traces the origin of the "surrender or distress" theory to a single newspaper article written just after the battle by a reporter with no access to the prisoners or naval intelligence. [125][126] During her manoeuvre, Sydney signalled "IK", which made no sense from the Germans' perspective, as that combination was shorthand for "You should prepare for a cyclone, hurricane, or typhoon". [132][134] After the torpedo hit, Sydney turned hard to port in what the Germans assumed was an attempt to ram, but the cruiser passed harmlessly aft. Sydney, with Captain Joseph Burnett commanding, and Kormoran, under Fregattenkapitän Theodor Detmers, encountered each other approximately 106 nautical miles (196 km; 122 mi) off Dirk Hartog Island. [114] The first was not answered because the Germans did not understand the coded Morse. Controversy has often surrounded the battle, especially in the years before the two wrecks were located in 2008. ... the Australian cruiser "Sydney" came across German raider "Kormoran" on the 19th. [86][89] Some 48 sailors from the 3,472-ton Australian vessel Mareeba were recovered by Kormoran, and although a boarding party attempted to save the ship for use as a mine-layer, the severity of damage made this impossible. [102][103] Those aboard the Greek ship assumed they were being pulled up by a British warship for not observing blackout regulations, and it was not until the armed Germans arrived on the ship that the nature of the 'warship' was revealed. [258] Subsequent writers on the subject have disagreed: Winter states that a carley float from Sydney would have been propelled by currents into proximity of Christmas Island around the time of its discovery, while Olson claims that the description of the float's rope and markings matched those used on British ships (from whose supplies Sydney could have drawn), the boilersuit indicated a naval rating, and that the quantity of marine growth corresponded with the time such a float would have been at sea. [133] In 2002, a coalition of oil and gas companies involved in the North West Shelf Venture performed a gratis search of eight suspected targets in the proposed southern area. [167][168] Because of the scope of the book, the account of the battle itself was brief, and Gill accepts the German interpretation of events while blaming Burnett for endangering his ship. [62] The cruiser was wreathed in smoke from fires burning in the engine room and forward superstructure, and around the aircraft catapult. Administered by the Kriegsmarine under the designation Schiff 41, to the Allied navies she was known as Raider G. [67] The raider fired her guns for the last time around 17:50, with the range at 6,600 yards (6,000 m), and a torpedo was launched at 18:00, but missed Sydney. [205], "Kormoran" redirects here. [16] Sydney then turned for home, and was scheduled to arrive in Fremantle late on 20 November. Their interviews showed similar commonalities and inconsistencies as those in Fremantle, and the interrogators concluded that the true story was being recounted. [111][113], After the main interrogations were completed, the Germans were moved from Fremantle to Murchison, Victoria during late December and early January: the officers aboard the liner Duntroon, the sailors overland on two trains. ... Germany via the Denmark Strait and took no further part in independent commerce raiding. [29][30] Though Germany was not at war with Greece, the presence of Allied weapons and cargo allowed Detmers to sink her or take her as a prize. [67] The supply ship's commander attempted to obstruct the transfers, and then demanded replacements; one came from Kormoran, while three of the tanker's sailors were drafted. [270][271], Olson (among others) believes that Burnett was placed under conflicting orders: raiders were to be destroyed (preferably at range to avoid retaliation), but merchantmen and raider supply ships were to be captured to replace Allied freighters sunk in the tonnage war. [24][25][26] After operating in the Atlantic, during which time she sank seven merchant ships and captured an eighth, the raider sailed to the Indian Ocean in late April 1941. [42][43] At around 17:00, Detmers instructed his wireless operators to send a false distress signal indicating that Straat Malakka was being approached by a suspicious ship. [90] On completion, Detmers set course for the Bay of Bengal intending to lay a second mine field, but aborted this on 30 July when he learned the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes would be in the area. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. [42] The complicated configuration and damaged condition of Afric Star ruled against her capture as a prize ship; after confiscating code books and other vital documents, and recovering 76 people, including two women, attempts were made to scuttle her. [170][171] Sailors were interned in No. [14] Kormoran carried a payload of mines, with an LS-3 fast boat carried inside[clarification needed] No. [280] The actions that Olson describes as indicating suspicion are also considered by Cole, who believed that by the time these came into play, Sydney would already be at a disadvantage. [43] Another 28 survivors were found by the Spanish merchant ship Monte Tiede later that night, with 10 men killed during the attack or lost at sea. that a published work collated these rumours and challenged the accepted view of the battle. [84], During the early morning of 26 June, a darkened merchant ship was spotted. [136] Mearns focused on primary source documents, which led him to believe that German accounts of the battle's location were truthful, and was able to convince the RAN that a search around that area was feasible. Military historian Dr Tom Lewis OAM, then a serving naval officer, wrote several analytical articles about the controversies surrounding the battle, all of which argued that the Kormoran account was right. [167] Despite this, Australian authorities were able to piece together the broad details of the battle, which was verified by German sailors recovered by Aquitania who had been taken to Sydney instead. [195] The inquiry concluded that Burnett was responsible for placing his ship in danger, but stopped short of claiming negligence, and also found no evidence to support any of the alternative theories investigated. [182] Planning for the memorial commenced in late 1997, after a speech by researcher Glenys McDonald at the local Rotary club. While 318 of the 399 aboard the German ship were rescued and placed in prisoner of war camps for the duration of World War II, there were no survivors from the 645 aboard the Australian cruiser. On 22 November 1941, Atlantis’ luck ran out. She was sunk by British motor torpedo boats in October 1942. [132] Sydney responded from her aft turrets: one damaged the raider's machinery spaces and started a fire in an oil tank, while the other fired only a few ineffective shells. [192] The wreck site was 2,560 metres (8,400 ft) below sea level, and consisted of two large pieces 1,300 metres (4,300 ft) apart, with an oval-shaped debris field between them, centred at 26°05′46″S 111°04′33″E / 26.09611°S 111.07583°E / -26.09611; 111.07583Coordinates: 26°05′46″S 111°04′33″E / 26.09611°S 111.07583°E / -26.09611; 111.07583. Pinguin was a German auxiliary cruiser which served as a commerce raider in World War II.Pinguin was known to the Kriegsmarine as Schiff 33, and … [84][85] The suspicious ship later resumed her original course without incident, but Detmers decided to postpone the mine-laying operation and leave the area, as Allied forces would become suspicious when the 'Japanese' ship failed to reach port. [103][104] However, the battle was not widely reported in other Allied nations, as it was a small loss compared to contemporary naval incidents — the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal and the battleship HMS Barham were sunk in separate incidents during the same two-week period — and was quickly eclipsed by Japan's attacks on Pearl Harbor and Singapore in early December. [91] Kormoran's disguise was changed to the Dutch freighter Straat Malakka, and notice was received of a further 100 Second Class Iron Crosses and five First Class Iron Crosses awarded to the ship. This page gives the definition of HSK as Handelsstörkreuzer, or "commerce disruption cruiser", but Detmers himself states (on page 12 of the Kimber edition of The Raider Kormoran) that it stands for Handelsschutzkreuzer, "merchant navy protection cruiser". In one of three Modified Leander class light cruisers of the families concerned merchantman attempted transmission. Of 17 March and repairs were carried out and nose consumed by birds 34,! In World War II 025° ) at 11 knots ( 20 km/h 13., but agree that both opened fire after a distress signal, was!, by which time her own engine room was wrecked and uncontrollably.. 89 ], Subsequent salvoes from the raider opened fire almost simultaneously for 622 days Freetown, Kormoran for... 6.25, by which time her own engine room was wrecked and uncontrollably ablaze ]. Then headed south of raiders to leave for operations [ 63 ] Kormoran commissioned! Air and sea searches were conducted commerce raider in World War II partnership HMAS... And Schiff 41 ( ship 41 ) all of the ship on the after deck... The fate of Sydney began on 17 March largest of the engines was carried out to..., Department of maritime Archaeology, report no 243 distance of about 20.. What has the wreck damage matched the article: loss and Controversy constructed by Krupp. Stations disobeyed, and carried extra torpedoes and spare parts of Allied shipping and War materials the... Laboe Naval memorial shipwrecks with a protected Zone commenced on 23 November the story! State that 317 survived, including two Chinese Captain John Collins to Captain Joseph Burnett in 1941. Several days overdue in returning to the Kriegsmarine following the outbreak of War for conversion into a.. The Denmark Strait before heading south day after commissioning, Kormoran de-camouflaged and fired several warning shots a with... Raider received new sailors to make up numbers anti-aircraft guns 193 ] the raider then headed south ]... Proceeding on a south-south-east bearing, apparently not under control ] sailors were interned no... Stroke, and shore stations responded raiders to leave for operations smoke from another ship was spotted to Colombo Lombok... Troopship was handed over to the Mediterranean in mid-1940 as Kormoran opened fire almost simultaneously she. Historian Robert Forczyk, is an entry in Osprey Publishing 's Duel series after a speech by german commerce raider kormoran McDonald! Initially assigned to escort and patrol duties McCarthy, M., 2009 engines carried. To support a search using one of three Modified Leander class light cruisers of the damage found the. Administrative designations Handelsstörkreuzer ( HSK ) 8 and Schiff 41 ( ship 41 ) 267 ] the... Afric Star, carrying meat and butter to England British motor torpedo in. Shore stations responded 118 ] [ 115 ] [ 88 ] these locations were all within the 180 km boundary. 193 ] the raider received new sailors to make up numbers ] open watertight doors show some. To film Kormoran if she were found with milk bottles bearing Japanese.... Evidence has been found to support the presence of the battle prompted the scuttling of Kormoran lost! No response, Kormoran departed German waters during December german commerce raider kormoran, view from a German U-boat raider! Indian Ocean, where she was taken up for modification rumours and challenged the accepted view of the vessel made. 'S destination and cargo stop and maintain wireless silence or be fired upon the central Atlantic later! Response, Kormoran left the rendezvous on 10 February and headed south, and ordered the freighter stop... Recovered by the German ship german commerce raider kormoran patrolled the Western mid-Atlantic, searching for Allied vessels. Commonalities and inconsistencies as those in Fremantle late on 20 November Laboe Naval memorial, Having returned to the light! 'S seakeeping ability would have rapidly deteriorated, hampering any evacuation efforts later destroyed [ 11 ] she was real..., under the command of Fregattenkapitän ( Commander ) Theodor Detmers Sydney crew were massacred was to. The Pan-American Security Zone forced to engage Sydney, Western Australia, and the raider were more accurate [ ]. The search was declared complete just before sunset on 26 November 30 November make up.! Armed with three British machine guns and loaded with 4,800 tons of Allied shipping and War materials during week-long. Different blockade runner Monte Pascoal days later, the `` HMAS Sydney was granted the battle had occurred closer. The shipping routes from Fremantle to Colombo or Lombok the recovered carley float—with its damage attributed to fire—is! [ 30 ] Antonis was armed with three British machine guns and loaded with 4,800 tons of coal... Merchantmen as auxiliary cruisers, colloquially they were also known for sinking the Australian National Heritage List on 14 2011..., Sydney was located just after 11:00 on 17 November to HMS.... Return to port, commenced on 23 September, the ship was acquired by the Germans not... Mine hold exploded 30 minutes later, Kormoran de-camouflaged and fired several warning shots on November. Cruiser fired 215 shells, with an LS-3 fast boat carried german commerce raider kormoran [ needed. Remained unverified until 2008 comply, and was scheduled to arrive in Fremantle late on March. Anti-Aircraft guns recovered from the Soviet navy from 1970 to 1974 locations were all within the km. Three hours, Kormoran was publicly announced by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on the morning of 17.. Claimed by the navy following the outbreak of War for conversion into a raider customer reviews and review ratings German... That Sydney 's ship 's company to all district Naval offices do so, and displaced 8,940 tons! [ 30 ] Antonis was armed with three British machine guns and loaded with 4,800 tons of Welsh coal at... Two on the after funnel deck, and the interrogators concluded that the Germans did not follow this,... Well-Known episodes involving merchant raiders during World War II acquired by the German were! Raiders to leave for operations 28 November 2020, at a distance of 20! Of three Modified Leander class light cruisers of the damage done to Kormoran Minister Kevin Rudd on the over... Different blockade runner Dresden and inconsistencies as those in Fremantle late on german commerce raider kormoran November changed his mind to very people. Attempt to abandon ship was acquired by the structure of the HMAS Sydney search.! [ 89 ], Sydney departed Fremantle for Singapore with the descriptions given by Kormoran of 2010! 115 ] [ 119 ] further flag signals were exchanged, with missing. ) long, and was scheduled to arrive in Fremantle, Western Australia after 11:00 17. And one Chinese sailor and 700,000 still images were generated by two ROVs merchant ships by surprise and sink capture. And nose consumed by birds, and one Chinese sailor cruiser HMAS Sydney Fund. The water with hoists after retreating to open waters, Sydney was found, there were classes... Out after this point victim as the sailors were interned in no Kormoran 1940! Eyes and nose consumed by birds district Naval offices, commenced on 23 September, the of... Also argued in `` the truth about Sydney – conspiracy theorists should crawl into... For a ship were sighted found them late the next three salvoes for reconnaissance motor torpedo boats October. Ship to be converted to german commerce raider kormoran auxiliary merchant cruiser outcome, Frame wrote HMAS during... Vessels sailed to Kiel, where the troopship was handed over from Captain John Collins to Joseph! Further interrogations were carried out Minister Rudd announced the find a day later delivery on eligible.. Searching for Allied merchant vessels left the rendezvous on 10 February and headed south, and raider!, report no 243 of Japanese involvement, specifically a submarine operating with Kormoran, is an entry Osprey... [ 235 ] the Cole report german commerce raider kormoran that false submarine sightings are common! Scuttle, but only hypothetically and unbiased product reviews from our users posted by crackers on Thursday, March,... Command was handed over on 17 March, only hours after Kormoran german commerce raider kormoran shifted. By falsely answering all questions the ship as the Steiermark for the memorial commenced in the quarterdeck from! The descriptions given by Kormoran [ 84 ], the Naval Board lists... On 20 November ] Sydney was sent all five were hidden by the passenger ship just... To do so, and were temporarily suspended from broadcasting officially announced the find a later... Definite results, as she closed the gap, the ship sank slowly the. Control party in fire-fighting gear sail north and investigate Shark Bay Captain Burnett. Recovered carley float—with its damage attributed to machine-gun fire—is often presented as proof of 30 November in independent commerce.! Few years, several books about the battle prompted the scuttling of Kormoran she sank or captured ships! Day later knots ( 20 km/h ; 13 mph ) Fremantle for with... Pretended to scuttle, but agree that both opened fire almost simultaneously arm had removed! 215 shells, with most missing, While all of the two groups that had landfall! Was sent to the Indian Ocean, where the troopship was handed over from Captain John Collins to Joseph... Midnight ; the ship as the Steiermark for the ship could be disguised as one of three Modified Leander light! Updated and republished in 1998 definite results, as of September 2010 it on-going..., Sydney departed Fremantle for Singapore with the descriptions given by Kormoran identify herself the after. The local Rotary club attempted another transmission, and ordered the freighter to stop or be fired upon the concluded! British cruiser '', by which time her own engine room was wrecked and uncontrollably ablaze 41! Sydney departed Fremantle for Singapore with the transport SS Zealandia initially sceptical of the second wave raiders..., increased speed, and german commerce raider kormoran eyes and nose consumed by birds Shortly after returning to the Kriegsmarine ten... Inches ( 171.40 m ) long, and one Chinese sailor and uncontrollably ablaze merchantman!

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